Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, discover answers to commonly asked questions (FAQs) about our fantasy gaming app. Whether you're curious about gameplay, customization options, or technical inquiries, find comprehensive responses to enhance your gaming experience.
1I am new to fantasy sports, can I still play?
Of course! You’re more than welcome to try your hand at and learn Fantasy Sports. Please refer to our How to Play section and Win Big!
2How do I Sign Up/Log In?
Users can sign up and/login in a seamless way! Enter your mobile number, receive the OTP via SMS, enter the OTP, join contests and Win Big!
3Can I have multiple accounts on Twelfth Man?
No. A user is allowed to have only one account under its name with valid supporting documents on Twelfth Man. Please refer to the Fair Play policy for further details.
4Can I join with multiple teams in a contest?
Yes! You can have up to 11 teams in each contest.
5Is it safe to add money on Twelfth Man?
Adding money to your Twelfth Man account is both simple and safe. We have many different payment options enabled on Twelfth Man and work hard to ensure that your personal details are safe with us. What's more, after you verify your personal details, you can withdraw the money that you win on Twelfth Man directly to your bank account.
6Do you make fantasy teams for different sports?
Twelfth Man App does indeed produce fantasy sports games for all sports. The availability of at least a few matches and player data is the only need. Because fantasy sports are impossible without statistics.
7What game modes are available?
Every major fantasy sports game mode is available at Twelfth Man. To determine the ideal game mode, Fan Arena always considers your objectives and target audience. It might be an existing one, an existing one that has been modified, or a brand-new one.
8If I win a Cash award, how will I find out?
Ranks and points will be updated and shown during each match as well as after the conclusion. Your app’s game account balance will instantly be credited with any cash prizes you get from cash contests.
9How do I take money out of my app account?
Only the winnings account in your account can be used for withdrawals when your account has been confirmed. If you want to make modifications to your account, you will not need to repeat this verification process. You can withdraw the desired amount when your account has been confirmed, and it will be put into your bank account within three hours.
10Are fantasy gaming sports permitted in India?
Fantasy sports were generally considered legal in most parts of India, but the legal status of fantasy sports can vary from state to state. The legality of fantasy sports in India is typically governed by state-specific laws related to gambling and betting.
11Can you genuinely make money playing fantasy games?
Fantasy gaming offers participants a perfectly legal means of making money. However, fantasy gaming is not a surefire way to make money because your prizes and returns will depend on how well your virtual team performs in the actual game.
12Are 'paid' fantasy competitions safe to enter in India?
Yes, as they are entirely legal, pay-and-play fantasy games in India are completely safe. Within an hour of the conclusion of activities, winners are typically given their money or incentives. After players have connected their bank accounts to the gaming software, winnings are typically transferred electronically. When necessary, players can take their money out or reinvest it in another play.
13How do you begin a fantasy game?
In fantasy gaming, you build your own virtual teams utilizing your abilities and knowledge of sports. Because fantasy sports are strategy-based games, you must pick your players before the game even starts. Selecting a platform to play fantasy sports is the first step. Next, a real-world match is chosen, and a team of players from both teams are assembled.
14How can I select the right platform for my fantasy game play?
Numerous fantasy platforms and applications are available in the market, offering players the opportunity to create fantasy teams in virtual settings. Additionally, there are various leagues hosted on different fantasy apps, each with its level of competitiveness. Some leagues are highly competitive, while others have lower competition levels, increasing your odds of winning. To maximize your potential profits as a player, it's essential to carefully choose a platform from among the many available fantasy sports apps. Look for platforms that not only offer a higher chance of winning significant prizes but also maintain a strong reputation for reliability and a clean track record.
15How do you create a fantasy team?
Here is a quick tutorial on creating a fantasy team: 1. After knowing the starting XIs for both teams, choose your squad. 2. Create your own virtual team with players from both competing teams. 3. Carefully select your team's captain and vice-captain to maximize your scores. 4. Be aware of the essential players on both teams that you can depend on. Don't forget to protect your team by choosing well-liked guys.