How to Play Cricket?

Twelfth Man played a pivotal role in the rise of fantasy sports in India since its inception in 2008. The industry has witnessed significant growth, with fantasy cricket emerging as a key driver, fueled by the widespread love for the sport across the country. Let's explore various aspects of fantasy cricket:

  • Definition
  • Overview of Fantasy Cricket Industry in India
  • Scoring System in Fantasy Cricket
  • Creating a Fantasy Cricket Team on Twelfth Man
  • Tips for Fantasy Cricket
  • Types of Contests
  • Fantasy Cricket Winners
  • Prize Winnings
  • Advantages of Playing Fantasy Cricket on Twelfth Man
  • Potential Earnings
  • Participating in Free Fantasy Cricket
  • Choosing Team Names
  • Popular Fantasy Cricket Leagues
  • Dos and Don'ts
  • Historical Perspective

Play Fantasy Cricket and Win Real Cash!

Create your fantasy cricket team for TATA IPL, World Cup, and T20 Cricket. Participate in contests with millions of fans on Twelfth Man, India’s premier fantasy sports app, showcasing your skills for consistent victories.

Welcome to the Best Fantasy Cricket Experience on Twelfth Man

Discover the fantasy cricket format on Twelfth Man, where you strategically assemble a virtual team of real cricketers performing in live matches worldwide. Points are earned based on their actual on-field performances. Twelfth Man offers various cricket formats, including T20, ODI, Tests, domestic leagues, and international tournaments, simplifying the game with match analysis and player statistics.

Why Choose Twelfth Man for Fantasy Cricket?

As India's largest fantasy sports platform with over 20 Crore users, Twelfth Man boasts partnerships with national and international sports leagues. With 20+ renowned cricketers as brand ambassadors and being a founding member of the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS), Twelfth Man ensures secure transactions and the best offers for all fantasy players.

Fantasy Cricket Industry Overview in India

India dominates the online gaming sector, with fantasy sports projected to reach a market value of Rs. 1,65,000 crore by FY25. Twelfth Man, introduced in 2008, has played a crucial role in the rise of other gaming unicorns in the country. Fantasy cricket platforms, captivating millions of gamers daily, contribute significantly to India's booming fantasy sports industry.

Scoring System in Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy points vary across cricket formats, considering factors like a bowler's economy rate or a batter's performance. Twelfth Man ensures a common rule - captains and vice-captains receive 2x and 1.5x points, respectively.

Creating a Fantasy Cricket Team on Twelfth Man – The Easier Way!

Follow these steps to build a winning fantasy cricket team on Twelfth Man:

  • Assemble a team of 11 players within the 100-credit cap.
  • Select a maximum of 10 players from one team.
  • Qualify team selection criteria for different player types.
  • Assign a captain and vice-captain for bonus points.
  • Utilize Captained By (% C By) and Vice-Captained By (% VC By) stats for strategic insights.
  • Getting Started with Fantasy Cricket App - It's Free and 100% Safe!

Participate in the excitement by joining contests for upcoming matches. Track your team's progress, follow your rank on the Contest Leaderboard, and witness the thrill of winning exciting prizes on Twelfth Man.

Your team must qualify the following team selection criteria:

Player Type Minimum Maximum
Wicket Keeper 1 8
Batsmen 1 8
All-Rounder 1 8
Bowlers 1 8

Play Indian Fantasy Cricket on Twelfth Man

Engage in virtual battles with your team in the chosen fantasy league. Select players based on their real-time performances to earn points and win real money. Twelfth Man provides the ultimate fantasy cricket experience, with more points translating into higher winnings.

Fantasy Cricket Tips

Enhance your fantasy cricket skills with pre-toss and post-toss strategies. Before the toss, analyze weather conditions, pitch reports, player statistics, and recent news to make informed decisions. After the toss, select playing XI players, join with multiple teams, and rely on your cricket knowledge rather than untrustworthy sources.

Types of Contests in Fantasy Cricket

Explore four primary contest types:

  • Mega Contests: Guaranteed with the largest prize pool.
  • Public Contests: May be refunded if not filled, with a new contest created if full.
  • Private Contests: Invite-only with entry fee and prize pool determined by the creator.
  • Practice Contests: Ideal for beginners, offering no cash prizes.

Play Daily Fantasy Cricket from 1,000+ Contests

Engage in daily fantasy cricket contests across international, domestic, and league-level matches, even when there's no India match. Choose from over 1,000 contests and aim for significant winnings.

Fantasy Cricket Winners

Check daily winners on Twelfth Man easily by navigating to the 'Winners' tab. Filter by tournaments, view Dream Teams, and gain insights into winning strategies.

Winning Money Playing Fantasy Cricket

Crafting a solid team is essential for winning money in daily fantasy cricket. Utilize player knowledge, analyze current form and trends, and enter multiple tournaments for maximum winnings.

Why Play Fantasy Cricket on Twelfth Man?

Enjoy accurate pre-match analysis, player stats features, and a Skill Score showcasing your fantasy skills. Explore the Rewards Shop for exciting prizes and redeem Runs for bonuses, merchandise, travel passes, and experience vouchers.

How Much Can You Win on Fantasy Cricket?

With prize pools reaching up to Rs. 2 crore for mega contests, the potential winnings are substantial. India matches typically feature higher prize pools, offering lucrative opportunities for fantasy cricket enthusiasts.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket for Free?

Beginners can participate in free fantasy cricket contests to gain confidence before entering paid contests. Follow simple steps on the app to create a team and join practice contests without entry fees.

Fantasy Cricket News and Upcoming Tournaments to Participate In

Explore upcoming tournaments like the Asia Cup 2023, India-Australia ODI series, ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, and more. Stay updated through Twelfth Man's official Telegram channel for the latest news and offers.

Popular Fantasy Cricket Leagues in Twelfth Man

Participate in various leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL), Abu Dhabi T10 League, ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), Big Bash League (BBL), Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Pakistan Super League (PSL), The Hundred, Super Smash, European Cricket League (ECL), and many more. Play season-long or daily fantasy on Twelfth Man.

Do’s and Don'ts While Playing Fantasy Cricket

Master fantasy cricket with strategic do's and don'ts:

  • Do's:
    • Patience and perseverance lead to long-term rewards.
    • Stay informed about probable playing XI.
    • Base team selection on solid research.
    • Choose matches wisely.
    • Wait for the toss before making team changes.
  • Don'ts:
    • Avoid investing all your money in a single match.
    • Don't pick players solely based on popularity.
    • Don't overlook pitch conditions.

Play Fantasy Cricket Leagues - Enjoy Bonus Offers!

Participate in upcoming cricket matches on Twelfth Man, create your fantasy team, and enter practice contests to refine your skills. Join various cash contests to win real money and explore bonus offers.

Fantasy Cricket Offers on Twelfth Man

Benefit from multiple offers, including Discount Bonuses, Discounted Entries, and giveaways. Earn rewards through successful referrals and redeem them for exciting prizes in the Rewards Shop.

History of Fantasy Cricket in India

Twelfth Man, founded in 2008, introduced the concept of fantasy sports in India. Co-founders Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth launched a freemium model in 2012, leading to rapid user growth. The platform now boasts over 140 million registered users, marking significant growth in the industry.

Win Big with Twelfth Man!

Twelfth Man stands out for its substantial prize pools, reaching up to Rs. 50 crore per match. Join now to experience the thrill of winning big on Twelfth Man.

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Still Have Questions About Online Fantasy Cricket? (FAQ’s)

Find answers to your queries in the FAQ section on Twelfth Man, covering everything you need to know to become a fantasy cricket expert.

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